What is Email marketing and how can it work for you?

Email marketing can let you connect with specific group of people or even an individual for higher engagement. Depending on their browsing or buying behaviour, you know that what your customers love to shop, you can use that information into sending automated emails. By tailoring these emails to your customers’ choices you can send relevant messages at the right time - whether trying to persuade them to buy or keep them loyal to your brand for the future.

Email Marketing has always been the most cost affective and productive tool. The message can be designed to persuade to call to action, cross sale, traffic on a blog or using a holiday discount code.

Approach to Email Marketing campaign

Are you a business looking to increase engagement and sales from email activity? We have dedicated email marketing experts who use the latest technology platforms combined with email marketing best practices to drive engagement and sales from email activity for our clients: from segmenting databases and creating impressive email designs, to writing striking subject lines and on-brand copy.

We offer a wide range of email marketing services that help you focus on your business, while we take care of the rest.

Our Platform Partners in Email marketing

We work with the best email service providers (ESPs) in the digital world. Our email marketing specialists work closely with you and providers such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo. We understand the capabilities and strengths of each platform, and can consult with you depending on the needs of your email marketing strategy.

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Email Marketing Automation Process

Automation is an effective and cost-effective way to enhance your email marketing strategy. It means you can automatically connect with your website visitors when certain actions are taken, delivering personalized and timely messages. Our email specialists take the time to understand your business, and create automated emails to get results. Here are some examples of email automations that we can implement to engage your audience and drive sales.

Welcome emails

The Welcome emails are the most important step to implement into your email automations. With people having only recently connected with your brand, they’ll be more open to receiving information from you.

This is your opportunity to introduce people to your brand, create a rapport with your customers and offer value before trying to sell them any products. It is important to take advantage of this period with a specific steps designed to set expectations; then you can start to encourage your new subscribers to make their first purchase!

Abandoned Cart Emails

Shopping cart abandonment is when a potential customer starts a check out process for an online order, but does not complete the purchase. Based on the research on an average cart abandement rate is around 70%.

An abandoned cart emails remind the customer that they have left something behind. As they’ve exited the buying process at the final stage, we know they had shown interest to purchase the item. We use our email marketing platforms to offer the functionality to send multiple abandoned carts at different time intervals. The aim is to encourage them to complete their purchase, easily capturing revenue that would have otherwise been lost.

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The customer's journey isn’t over after a successful purchase from your website. Post-purchase emails are your chance to turn a first-time customer into a brand loyalist who comes back to you repetadly. Sending post-purchase emails is essential for growing your brand.

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